Your questions answered

Where do you offer staff relocation services?

We have the appropriate government licences, expert teams and business partners in 21 countries around the world.

What kind of staff can you relocate?

We offer relocation of any kind of staff, subject to the regulations in each country.

Which industries do your services apply to?

We offer international staff relocation to any type of industry.

Do you offer relocation services for individuals?


Do you offer a shipment service for belongings, goods and household items?


Do you offer a school finding programme for families?


How do I become a client?

Start by booking a consultation. We’ll review your request and send a plan for your approval.

How will we stay connected once I become a client?

A Relocation Consultant will coordinate services and keep you up to date.

Do you offer a recruitment service?

Yes. We can assist with hiring staff in the countries that we operate. Our recruitment service is subject to the job role and project requirements.

Need more information?

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